Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Bulk SMS Marketing Services are the most economical and effective way to target your potential customers on mobile wherever they are. From campaign setup to message scheduling, and from sending to reporting, our user-friendly dashboard does it all with few clicks. Our custom SMS marketing plans help you promote your product / business to your domestic and international customers with ease. Send offers, services, coupons, reminders to your customers on mobile anytime anywhere

Why is Bulk SMS Marketing effective?

1. Personalization With the help of modern technologies, text of a message can contain the recipient’s name or the name of their company. Almost every received sms is read by a subscriber.
2.One of the cheapest way of communication with prospects and clients.
3.There are no bounces. Even if a subscriber is unavailable, they will receive SMS as soon as turn on a phone.
4.Allows to reduce expenditures for advertising.
5.You don’t need special skills to send SMS campaign.
6.Campaigns are delivered very quickly.
7.Allows to increase sales and customers’ loyalty.

What Makes Bulk SMS Marketing Mandatory for your Business?

1. SMS has 94% Open Rate
To amuse you, SMS are the most-read form of advertisements being used in the industry. Least costly and most effective marketing method as SMS has the highest opening rate of 90% or more. Our authentic and fast Bulk SMS  Marketing Services can convey the relevant information and offer in an easier way, letting you leverage the complete advantages of messaging. As every of your user has a mobile phone, which no compulsion of keeping internet pack active for the set his/her SIM is in, SMS lets you reach everyone regardless of they are online or not.

2. Easy Messaging & Campaign Tracking
It’s easy and less time-consuming to send bulk SMS as you can upload multiple SMSs together. Using message templates and excel uploads, the task can become even simpler. Users can upload the SMSs from excel sheet, APIs, web interface, or gateways. SMSLeads can be integrated with your ERPs, CMSs, and applications to save time and money. SMSLeads also allows the customers to track the link clicks, open rate, surveys, replies, and more. Our Database support services can enhance the conversion rate efficiently for you. Through better tracking, you can achieve better conversion rate for sure.

3. Perfect for all
Bulk SMS Marketing isn’t more or less useful for organizations due to its size. With SMSLeads, it is custom-packaged to tailor the best services for everyone. We excel in providing enterprise as well as small businesses with best Bulk SMS services, owing to our multi-user facilities, customizable solutions, cost-convenience, and reliability. You can stay assured of multiple benefits such as increase brand’s image, enhanced trust among customers, more conversions and high Customer Retention Rate. It is also found that SMS marketing causes notable Boost in Customer Satisfaction. With SMSLeads.in, every type of business can conveniently start using best SMS packages.

Below are the Top 8 Bulk SMS Marketing Benefits:-

1.High Open Rate:-
With compare to other Marketing tools Bulk SMS Marketing has a very high open rate.
Almost every SMS sent is open within 10 minutes. Whereas the only fraction of Email sent is open by Email and most of them deliver into the spam box.

2.High Conversion Rate:-
With SMS you get a high amount of conversion rate compare to Any other marketing.
In this ERA, Where there are many messaging apps available in the market Still people prefer SMS to communication. And Especially B2C receives high conversion rate compared to other platforms.

Bulk SMS Marketing Service is very budget friendly and economic compare to billboard, television or magazine advertising.

Sending an SMS is not a rocket science and not requires any Ph.D. degree. Any person who has a mobile knows how to send SMS.
But, if you are looking for Sending bulk SMS to your customer then mobile is not a good choice.
You need something more reliable and more effective.
With SMSLane you can do it with ease and start your Bulk SMS Campaign.

5.Easy reach:-
Now a day’s even a simplest mobile phone has an SMS features.
People do not need any internet connection to access the SMS features( that is the best Bulk SMS Marketing benefits it has very few dependency). That means you can reach more user with SMS than any other platform.

6.Wide appeal:-
More than 4.77 billion mobile users out there (this is a HUGE amount, isn’t it?)
People are very used to do with SMS than any other Things that is why they always prefer SMS communication.

In Email Marketing User have to Log in and need an internet connection to operate an Email and other advertising media demand HUGE money but in Bulk SMS Marketing Service you do not only save money but you save time also.
Fact shows that more than 98% SMS sent are read within 10 minutes.

8. Personalization:-
SMS can be Personalization too.

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