Bulk voice calls are prerecorded voice messages (in a language understood by a common majority or popular in a local district) to a mobile or landline networks across the country. Bulk voice calls are automated calls which involves automated dialing to hundreds of numbers at once using computer managed lists, playing a pre-recorded message to automatically dialed mobile or landline numbers.
The first company in India to provide dynamic voice call with 100% delivery. It can helps to increase your business, promote your product and service.
Voice Mail Service is an interactive computerized system for answering and routing phone calls. It works as a system for recording and listening messages.

Why you’ll like Dynamic Caller Id:-

  1. Present the number from your account that is most appropriate for the call
  2. Represent multiple businesses on the same phone system
  3. Give the appearance of a local business in other markets
  4. Let your business appear more personal and professional to those you call
  5. People are less likely to screen your call

It’s simple. Dynamic Call Routing connects each phone call to the right person at the right time.
Car Wars efficiently routes your calls based on time of day, day of week, caller interest, caller location and more!
We help automotive dealers who are frustrated with listing multiple phone numbers on their websites and struggling to connect callers during high call volume times of day.

Our goal is simple: Get customers to the right person as quickly as possible, with a single number.
Dynamic number insertion also known as phone call tracking system enables you to change your business phone numbers dynamically on your website based on the visitor’s location.

Features of Dynamic Voice Call:-

  • LifeTime Validity
  • Own Caller ID
  • Delivery:- Non-DND & DND Numbers
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Sending Time:- 24 Hrs
  • Voice Clip Format:- .mp3 & .wav
  • 1 Call = 1 Credit
  • 1 Credit/Call = 29 Seconds
  • Charged for Answered Calls
  • Voice Response
  • Instant Refund
  • Excel Import
  • Mobile Caller ID
  • Reschedule Voice Call
  • Voice Interval Between a Call
  • Schedule Dynamic Voice Call
  • All Web API’s Available
  • Text To Speech
  • Send Auto Reply SMS
  • Call Recording
  • International Voice
  • Voice Auto Reply SMS
  • Voice Call Quick Export
  • Filter Mobile Number
  • Two Factor Authentication

Benefits of Dynamic Voice Call:-

  1. High Deliver-ability – up to 100 SMS per second (TPS)
  2. High read rate
  3. Multiple Caller Id add
  4. Reach people almost instantly, wherever they are
  5. Send transactional content also
  6. Supports English, Hindi and Tamil any other languages
  7. Send Long messages (up to 3 messages combined)
  8. Send SMS / Voice with your company name
  9. No need for software installation – send SMS using your browser
  10. Receive reply back from your customer instantly – through 2 way communication