To register a content template, a principal entity or telemarketer need to follow below mentioned steps:

i. Login to DLT using telemarketer/ principal entity credentials

ii. Go to Content template -> Add new content template

a. Define template type – Promotional/Transactional/Service

iii. Select category of content and a registered header

iv. Provide content for fixed part and demarcate variable content in the template using insert variable button

v. Submit template for verification

vi. Content template registrar will validate and verify details provided by the telemarketer/ principal entity within 60 mins

vii. On successful registration, the content template registrar will approve and register content template ID on DLT platform

vii. The registrar function will communicate successful renewal or any discrepancy in case of incorrect details with the applicant on the registered e-mail and mobile number in the defined TAT (72 hours).

Once the template is registered, only the variable part of template can be changed, however, a Principal Entity can register multiple templates as per business requirements.

A Principal Entity is eligible to register multiple headers and multiple templates under each header. Example: For a Principal Entity with different departments, it may register multiple headers for each department and further, multiple templates can be registered under each header.

All languages that support unicode functionality.

Currently, only english language is supported to register a consent template.

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