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Step 1 Login reseller demo account on –
Step 2 Check the Demo credentials mentioned here
Step 3 Enter Username, Enter Password and, click on Accept Terms & Conditions
Step 4 Now, Click on Login
Step 5 Welcome to Reseller Dashboard
Step 6 Now, let’s see first, How to Add Clients
Step 7 Click on Manage Clients option, click on Add new clients
Step 8 Now create a new user, by adding your client’s details
Step 9 Click on Add client
Step 10 On top of your screen you will see a message, Client Successfully Added
Step 11 Now let’s add credits to that user
Step 12 Click on Add/Deduct Credits
Step 13 Select Username, Select Credit Type, Enter Credits, Enter Service Type
Step 14 Enter Cost, Enter Tax Slab
Step 15 Click on Submit Credits
Step 16 On top of your screen, you will see a message, Credits Successfully Submitted
Step 17 And from your account, credits will be assigned to your user
Step 18 Now let’s Manage the clients, Go to Manage Clients, Click on, Manage Clients
Step 19 Here you can see all clients list with credits details
Step 20 Click on the play button, to see all details of your clients
Step 21 You can Active and Disable your clients, and also Delete clients from here
Step 22 Now go to Manage Resellers, click on Add New Reseller
Step 23 Select Username, whom you want to make your reseller
Step 24 Enter his Subdomain or Domain details, click on Create Reseller
Step 25 Point this record in Sub Domain CNAME Record –
Step 26 Now go to, View Reseller option
Step 27 Here you can see all reseller list with their respective URLs
Step 28 Also, you can edit or Disable reseller from here
Step 29 Now, let’s see, how to edit Website Settings
Step 30 First, we will check, How to Update Web Content
Step 31 In this, you can edit your reseller web content, which your user will see, on your login screen
Step 32 Now, let’s see, how to change the logo
Step 33 From this screen, you can upload a logo, please see the instruction before upload
Step 34 Now, let’s see, how to update the favicon
Step 35 From this screen, you can upload a favicon, please see the instruction before upload
Step 36 Now, let’s see, how to change website theme color
Step 37 From this screen, you change website theme color as per your need
Step 38 Now, let’s see, how to Manage News
Step 39 From this screen, you can add the News for your customers
Step 40 It can be used for service or technical related updates, for your customers
Step 41 You can easily manage it

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Step 1 Login reseller demo account on –
Step 2 In Advance Reseller Platform, you will see a new button – Reseller Control Panel option
Step 3 Click on it, Enter the same login details, and log in again
Step 4 Welcome to Reseller Control Panel Dashboard
Step 5 Go to Dashboard, and click on Dashboard option
Step 6 Here you can see, your customer’s traffic and active clients details
Step 7 Click on Personal Info
Step 8 Here you see, you own profile details
Step 9 Click on Active Numbers
Step 10 Here you have to add your, all own active numbers
Step 11 Click on Demo Videos
Step 12 Here you can paste, your YouTube video links, which will be displayed to your user account dashboard
Step 13 Click on theme setting
Step 14 Here you can change the color, of your reseller control panel
Step 15 Click on App Config
Step 16 From here, you can change the Copyright, website and footer details
Step 17 Now let’s see Second Option, Jobs Queue
Step 18 From here, you can manage the SMS options
Step 19 Go to Completed Jobs
Step 20 Here you can see, your users SMS campaign details
Step 21 Now let’s see Third Option, Voice Manager
Step 22 From here, you can manage the Voice Call options
Step 23 Here you can see, your users voice campaign details
Step 24 Now let’s see Fourth Option, Manage User
Step 25 From here, you can change the user password
Step 26 Go to Manage Users, here you can see all User details
Step 27 Also from here, you have to change your users route, and change their user setting
Step 28 Now let’s see Fifth Option, Sender I D
Step 29 Click on, Add Sender I D
Step 30 Here, you can add manually Sender I D to your user account
Step 31 Click on, Approve Sender I D
Step 32 If, your user will add Sender I D, then, you have to approve it from here
Step 33 Click on, Manage Sender I D
Step 34 Here, you can see all Sender I D, which is approved on your user side
Step 35 You can Delete it from here
Step 36 Now let’s see Sixth Option, Add Credits
Step 37 From here, you can Add or Deduct credits, of you users
Step 38 Select Username, check the available credits and, even you can see the total credits been assigned to user till date
Step 39 Now let’s see Seventh Option, Details
Step 40 Click on, Info SMS
Step 41 From here, you can send Technical or Service-related updates, to your users
Step 42 Click on Recharge Details
Step 43 Here, you can check all recharge details of your users
Step 44 Click on Login Details
Step 45 Here, you can check the login details of your users
Step 46 Now, let’s see the last option, that is Manage Cutter
Step 47 Click on manage cutter
Step 48 This option is used to generate bluff delivery reports on the user end
Step 49 To overcome profits on reseller end
Step 50 See how we can use this option too, generate profits
Step 51 Select Username, Select Cutting On type
Step 52 In Cutting After, we have to use the number, after which the cutting will start
Step 53 In Percentage, we have to use the number, in this demo, I  am cutting 50 percent SMS after 10 SMS of every campaign
Step 54 So when the user will send 100 SMS then, first 10 SMS will deliver properly
Step 55 And from remaining 90 SMS, 45 SMS will be delivered, and remaining 45 SMS will be added to reseller account, SMS Credits
Step 56 And, the bluff report will be generated for the cutting numbers, on the user end
Step 57 You can check the refunds, in Refund detail option
Step 58 Now last option, that is WhiteList Number option
Step 59 It is used to whitelist the numbers of your users, means SMS will definitely deliver on this mobile numbers, if you use cutting also
Step 60 Currently, there is no number added in a whitelist, but when your users will send SMS, then it will auto add small campaign numbers as whitelist numbers, so you wont have to add those numbers, again n again
Note – This option are not technically tested, generate result might be different in some cases, as it is an add on feature, and we do not charge for it

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