Extremely Scalable And Environmentally Sustainable

OIPL allows Obligr to scale to global requirements with minimal energy requirements. Unlike other blockchains, Obligr does not require exponentially more energy to increase performance and add blocks. The performance-sustainability balance is achieved through a combination of novel approaches, including multi-ledger, side chains, and parallel transaction processing through multi-party state channels.

The network proliferates as the number of stake pools increases, while parameters are set and adjusted to measure the attractiveness of specific stake pools. This is a network that rewards participation directly. Obligr is designed to ensure that those who act in the best interests of the network are also acting in their own best interests. This ensures the development of a healthy ecosystem, and, in turn, the endurance, health, and robustness of the network, now and into the future. The combination of sustainability and scalability allows Obligr to achieve the throughput required to meet the evolving demands of global systems: financial, logistics, identity, societal.

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