Bulk Messaging

Create contextual, effective communication with our SMS Platform

Bulk SMS services are the simplest way to communicate, interact, and transact together with your audience. 

An automated web-based platform avoids the necessity for any installation and download.

Key features of bulk sms

High Speed

We offer you the liberty to transmit 5000 TPS (transaction per second) to your target audience.

Search Filter

Everything is searchable in SMS application to narrow down the scope of your search, filter your report by clicking on search icon.

Select Language

You can select English language for English message or Unicode language for other language message.

Sender ID

Create a sender ID for transactional, OTP and Enterprise route, it must be either 6 digit or characters. Admin will approve it.

Short/Smart URL

Add smart URL in your text message and easily redirect your target audience to the desired landing page. you can also track the click through rate.

Dynamic Field

Dynamic SMS like "Hi obligr. Your salary 54,845 INR IS credited in your Account." Here Name obligr" & Amount of salary "54,845" are dynamic values that collected from contact list.

List Segmentation

You can segment your contacts into groups and send your message to specific Groups


Reseller is able to Oversell SMS. SMS Credits deducted only if customers of reseller send SMS Reseller Can Choose Customer's billing type

Automate the Campaign

Schedule your campaign on specific date/time and the automated system will send your campagin.


Promotional SMS: SMS which have indifferent ways to promote your product or services.

API Transactional SMS: SMS which are sent for your registered customer to proceed any information via API.

Open DND SMS: SMS which are sent to DND number regarding Promotional of your product or services

You can send as many SMS you want.

You can import 15k contacts in a single file using file import.

Yes you can create groups under contacts.

Yes via DLT portal on our portal their is Open Template.

Sender ID is a 6 Alphabetic character specific id which  serve your company or product.

You can add as many Sender Id as you want.

It can take 12-24 Hours* maximum on DLT portals.

You can use upto 160 character for a 1 SMS. If above 160 characters then it will be count according to 153 multiples.

Upload CSV file or just copy paste contacts in upload area.

Yes there are many Unicode languages available.

Yes you can use schedule option to do it.

Yes but KYC process is compulsory.

Yes we have SMS API for sending, delivery report, etc

Why bulk sms ?

Reach More People

Deliver your customized message to the receiver's mobile within seconds. Increase your reach.

High Open Rate

More than 90% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the recipients. It can bring great success.

Increase Presence

It offers direct communication with customers. It’s the perfect platform to increase your presence in the market.

Integrate any application in minutes with our rest APIs

Inclusive documentation with sample codes

Free of cost totally, just pay only for SMS credit

Secure, reliable & upgradable SMS APIs trusted by 20,000+ developers

Go beyond just sending or receiving SMS with Rest APIs

Obligr expert team always available to help you with integration & support

Fetch delivery reports, manage contacts, schedule messages

Retrieve credit balance, filter numbers get campaign responses, & more!

Free of cost totally, just pay only for SMS credit

Go beyond just sending or receiving SMS with Rest APIs

Fetch delivery reports, manage contacts, schedule messages

Get reliable delivery, global compliance, and simple
account management.

Flexible Routing

Flexible reroute SMS to ensure optimum delivery like lite speed for your SMS.

Global Compliance

Exclude unreliable delivery by removing the complexity of national carriers.

Outbound Network

Rich network communication for best optimized solution in global network.

The Obligr Advantage

Why Obligr is considered as the most reliable Cloud Telephony Company in India

Highly Secured

ISO 9001:2015 certified ISM system

Patented Solutions

Gain competitive advantage from patented products

Superior Quality

Best success rates, sms quality and reduced latency.

Scale at Ease

Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure

Superior Reliability

Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes

Best Support

24×7 customer support via email and chat

Customer Rating

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I appreciate your service and support i really like your service in marketing
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I'd like to point out that Obligr has a great customer support service
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This is very important for every day business specialy when we talk about bulk sms marketing
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customer support including tech support takes a lot of time and going through a number of agents before a solution is found.
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Excellent, i would recommend using it.
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I am using bulk sms service , awesome service and support provided by obligr india pvt ltd.

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