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Email Marketing has risen to prominence as one of the most popular forms of marketing out there. In addition to being effective, it’s also personal and accessible for a wide variety of companies.

In today’s new post in my how to write series, I’m here to your rescue. ?? Keep perusing for a mini guide below on how to write content for email marketing!

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why email marketing has such a unique spot in the content marketing of today, and why so many people want to learn how to write content for email marketing.

In today’s new post in my how to write series, I’m here to your rescue. ?? Keep perusing for a mini guide below on how to write content for email marketing.

Email Marketing by the Numbers
To help you understand just how critical and effective email marketing is today, here are some email marketing statistics to know:

1.53% of today’s emails are opened on mobile platforms
2.Mobile is the single most popular platform for users to interact with emails for the first time
3.Personalized emails experience a click-through rate that is 14% higher than non-personalized emails
4.Marketers are six times as likely to earn a click on an email as they are a Tweet

Email Marketing: The Connection Platform of the Future
If you’ve been looking for a way to connect on a detailed, personal level with your audience, email marketing may be it.

By learning how to write content for email marketing, you’re on your way to seriously improving your content campaigns and building brand engagement.

How to Write Content: 5 Timely Tips
Email marketing is different than social media. It’s more personal, more targeted, and more dedicated to reaching a specific set of users. With this in mind, consider these functional tips for how to write content for Marketing.

  1. Write a good subject line.
    The subject line is the gatekeeper in the world of email marketing. Write a good one and you’ll see a satisfying open rate. Write a poor one and you’ll suffer the sound of crickets in the background of your campaign.
  2. Personalize your emails.
    Personalized email copy performs better than general email copy. With this in mind, input your customer’s name into your email subject lines and be sure to target the body of your email so that it speaks directly to your audience and nobody else’s.
  3. Make your emails clear first and catchy second.
    Catchy emails are great, but only if they’re also clear enough to make your audience want to click on them. With this in mind, focus on making your emails clear and descriptive first, and then make the catchy second.
  4. Keep your subject line related to your copy.
    Even if your subject line is clear and catchy, it’s all for naught if it doesn’t also align with your body copy. Keep in mind that delivering what you promise is critical in the world of email, and only people who can truly do this succeed in the long run.
  5. Keep it relevant.
    Relevance is critical for a good email, so be sure to tie the content of your email in with something that will ground it as relevant and in-demand. Current events work well, as does some personal detail about the audience. By showcasing your relevance, you stand a better chance of grabbing the reader’s attention and keeping it.

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