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and stake.

Before you begin


What is the OIPL token?


What is staking?


What is wallet?





Get OIPL using one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges.

Some exchanges offer staking services directly, but this
requires you to delegate ownership of your tokens to them.

This guide involves using your own wallet, enabling you to
maintain full ownership of your tokens.

Transfer your OIPL to a wallet .

Choose a wallet that suits your needs, create an account, and transfer your OIPL from the exchange.

Select your validators.

In your wallet, choose the to delegate your OIPL to. Remember to spread your risk by delegating your OIPL to multiple validators in good standing.

Lock up and stake
your OIPL.

Using your wallet, send a simple transaction (often called
“Stake” or “Delegate”) to start staking. This locks up your OIPL (i.e. you can’t transfer them) and enables the chosen validators to operate the network.

Staked OIPL can be unlocked via your wallet by sending a transaction (often called “Unstake” or “Undelegate”) and waiting 21 days.

Welcome to the community, fellow OIPL'ans.

Now that you’ve staked your OIPL like a pro, join a fast-growing
community of developers and innovators connected all over the world,
building the new era of the internet.

Community Chat

Ask general questions and chat with the worldwide community on Telegram.


Follow @obligrr to get the latest news and updates from across the ecosystem.

Developer Chat

Have technical questions about Obligr tools? Ask a developer on the Community Discord.

Obligr Forum

Thinking about becoming a validator or interested in network matters? Join the discussion.

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