Bulk Email, Voice Call & Toll Free Pricing-​Obligr India Pvt Ltd
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The beauty of Toll-Free number; It is billed for all arrival calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. So the client can call without paying extra and may reach you easily.

With Obligr Toll-Free number expand your business around the world. Discover a convenient and powerful way to connect with your customers, Give your customer convenience of dialing for your services. This allows you to respond to your customers need effectively and improve your brand image.

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Add-On Charges

Sticky Agent 1200 INR / Month
Agent Permission Sub Login 1200 INR / Month
Role Level Access 1200 INR / Month
Custom Music on Hold 1200 INR / Month
Contact List 1200 INR / Month
Text To Speech 1200 INR / Month
Ringtone 1200 INR / Month