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Now you can build high quality voice applications with speed and flexibility, using your preferred programming language. Our API gets you to market faster with granulate control and security plus real-time integration with voice analysis systems.
We need to use a Obligr Call Control Object to address the user when the call is answered.

{ "success": true, "error": null, "data": { "campaign_id": 763, "total_call": 1, "total_number": 1, "message": "Call successfully sent." }

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Send voice call

Integrate voice messaging code to your application programming easily by Rest API's .

Voice Caller ID : Add

With this, you can add dynamic Caller ID to your call flow by OTP verification policy.

Caller ID : Verify

Ensure to verify call id with OTP messaging process by using it instantly with Voice Delivery System.

Voice Call: Voice File Upload

Use your own voice by directly recording your voice from API for your Private, Application based.

Voice Call : Report

Get detailed insights of your campaigns, down to the recipient’s delivery report.

Live recording iframe.

API recording tool can be the game changer for your voice recording directly from your apps.

Discover more ways our Voice API can help you re-imagine the possibilities of voice.

Voice Sources

Easily integrate Mp3/Wav files or else use TTS with third party vendors in real time .

Pitch Rate Control

Easily customize pitch for TTS speech by define your call control logic with this schema.

DTMF Key Press

Capture call key press DTMF inputs in reports to find lead, survey etc easily.

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Getting Started

All the code and resources you need to get started.


API Reference

  • Create API Key
  • Create an Outbound Call
  • Retrieve Information About Campaign Scheduled 
  • Modify An Existing Call


Simple step-by-step instructions for specific use cases including:

  • Send Call
  • Add Groups
  • Voice Auto Reply Alerts
  • Uploading Files
  • Add/Modify CLI

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