Wireless Communication

In the present days, Wireless Communication system has become an essential part of various types of Wireless Communication devices, that permits user to communicate even from remote operated areas. There are many devices used for Wireless Communication like mobiles. Cordless telephones, Zigbee wireless technology, GPS, Wi-Fi, satellite television and wireless computer parts. Current wireless phones include 3 and 4G networks, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies.
The term Wireless Communication was introduced in the 19th century and Wireless Communication technology has developed over the subsequent years. It is one of the most important mediums of transmission of information from one device to other devices. In this technology, the information can be transmitted through the air without requiring any cable or wires or other electronic conductors, by using electromagnetic waves like IR, RF, satellite, etc. In the present days, the Wireless Communication technology refers to a variety of Wireless Communication devices and technologies ranging from smart phones to computers, tabs, laptops, Bluetooth Technology, printers. This article gives an overview of Wireless Communication and types of Wireless Communication.

Wireless Communication Based Projects:-
Wireless Communication based projects mainly include different technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, RFID and Zigbee projects which are listed below.
1.Android Based Smart Phone Used for Induction Motor Control
2.Smart Phone Controlled Traffic Signal Override with Density Sensing System
3. Arduino based Home Automation
4.Phone Controlled Load Management System
5.Robotic Vehicle Movement By Cell Phone
6.Dialed Telephone Number LED Based Display System
7.DTMF based Load Control System
8.Dedicated Message Communication Wireless between Two Computers
9.Wireless Message Communication between Two Computers
10.Android based Remotely Programmable Sequential Load Operation
11.Remotely Controlled Android based Electronic Notice Board
12.Remote Operated Domestic Appliances Control by Android Application
13.Remote Password Operated Security Control by Android Applications
14.Home Automation by Android Application based Remote Control

Advantages of Wireless Communication
Following are the advantages of Wireless Communication:-
1.As wireless frequency penetrates the walls, wireless networks are easy to install anywhere based on choice. This flexibility is one of the great benefits of wireless network where wired cable can not be installed.
2.Wireless networks are easy to install and easy to maintain compare to messy wired counterparts. This will help when network grows and will have hundreds to thousands of customers.
3.Any data or information can be transmitted faster and with a high speed.
4.Maintenance and installation is less cost for these networks.
5.The internet can be accessed from anywhere wirelessly.
6.It is very helpful for workers, doctors working in remote areas as they can be in touch with medical centers.

Disadvantages of Wireless Communication
Following are the disadvantages of Wireless Communication:-
1.Wireless signals can be easily hacked and hence it will hamper privacy. To avoid this, security algorithms (AES, WEP, WAP2) and modulation techniques (FHSS, DSSS) are employed in wireless networks.
2.The earlier wireless networks were slower. Now-a-days wireless LANs with advanced standards such as IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11ad are available which provides same performance as traditional Ethernet based LANs.
3.Wireless networks require careful radio frequency planning at the beginning of the installation.
4.Wireless Communication is subject to interference. There are various receiver techniques and modulation techniques which make wireless system robust against any kind of interference.
5.An unauthorized person can easily capture the wireless signals which spread through the air.
6.It is very important to secure the wireless network so that the information cannot be misused by unauthorized users.

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