Trust & Security

Abuse policy

Please read very carefully.

Reporting abuse

If you do choose to file a report with Obligr, you’ll want to report on the reporting form. Please provide a high level of detail in the description of the content, the exact steps needed to access the content, and the location of the content on the page.
For reports of a conscious nature, including non consensual pornography or reports of human relate trafficking.

If you are creating a “children pornography”, “harsh threats and harassment” , or “common” report, you will have the option to make your claim unnamed.
Be advise in such cases that the people who supervise the content that is the subject of your complaint will be aware of your matter, but will be significantly limited in their capacity to follow up on your complaint.

Physical mail can be sent to:
Obligr, Inc.
Attn: Legal Department
20 / 3 Sajan Nagar
Indore, MP 452001

What if I’m a law enforcement official?

Law enforcement officials can contact us directly at [email protected] You must include your brooch & case number when contacting us to receive a reply. It is a crime to wrong imitate a law enforcement official.

Messaging and broadcasting policy

Due to strict adherence of DLT Policy (as per TRAI), Sender Name in personal names are not permitted. 

After registering yourself with, for any kind of sender name registration, you need to take approval from us along with valid and justified supporting documents.

If you can’t verify your original documents personally, kindly send us scanned copy of supporting document in order to register and continue your selected Sender ID. Non submission of supporting document may lead to suspension of Sender ID and the same will be rejected by our server. This is done to stop any misuse of service and is as per guidelines of TRAI and NDNC Registry.

Approval of SENDER NAME may take 1 day.

Sender ID favor name of a person will not be review for approval.
Scanned copy of documents can be forwarded to [email protected]

Optin Subscribers NDNC's policy

A great advantage of using obligr communication is that its gateway automatically filters the mobile numbers from the NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry.
This feature enables you to only send messages to people who are not on the ‘Do Not Disturb’, ‘Do Not Disturb Clients/Customers’ list and will let you promote and market your company ethically which will enhance your company’s reputation in the market.

If you want to Register or De-Register with NDNC (National Do Not Call), click on the link to do the same:

ollow TRAI regulations to avoid any kind of spam.

Spam policy

Obligr spam policy is to notify the users/resellers of our company that a few systematic cheating rackets are operating on SMS platform propagating lottery/prize/ unclaimed huge properties etc.

This is totally offensive by the Police Crime Branch as well against TRAI norms. These messages are under spam and comply for severe and strict action by the respective departments.

All the users are advised to stick with the instructions and not to promote such activities. Violation of this notice will automatically invite major legal action and we will not be responsible for the same and shall share the client information to the respective departments.

Note: Spam keyword protection is been enabled in every account to get traced and if found violating the policy then it may lead to account suspension without any notice and refund will not initiate for that account holder. 

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