Bulk SMS & Voice Call for Political Campaigns

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Voting day reminder

Send registered voters a friendly text on election day reminding them to cast their vote. You can even insert a link to help them find their Surveys place! Leading up the election, be sure to give constituents remark of early and absentee voting time-limit.

Event alerts

The Engagement chains keeps your calendar packed with events.The victory of each one is often related to how many people you can get in the room.Maximize your victory and invite your promoters to rallies, town hall assembly and other campaign events all via text message! If they can’t make it, be sure to notify them about important media arrival they won’t want to miss as well.

Important announcements

Like Obama’s momentous text message, making intercept message via text is a huge way to actively include promoters Releasing information in politics is always a thoughtfully crafted procedure and you want to make sure your message is heard when you want it to be.

Organize volunteers

Text messaging makes grassroots organizing a snap. If your constituents can’t donate money, a great alternative is asking them to donate time.Arrange rallies and acquire volunteers all with a Plain text.

Take a stance

Stay ahead of the media curve. Meet your politics on emerging problem with registered voters immediately and let your promoter know where you stand. You can even text out guides or infographics via MMS that let your promoters know a rundown of your Judgement on key issues. This will help keep them educated and your political text messages known.

Mobilize the youth vote

In the middle of youth adults 18–34, texting is the single most preferred channel for exclusive communications. Connect with youth people oneself to win their hearts, minds, and finally their votes.

All Election-Related Reminders

Reminding people of not only the person to vote for but also the place and time to vote, as well as offering registration information, is a practical way to encourage voters to do their civic duty. Reminders may be used for timely purposes like events and meetings.

Fundraising Purposes

Political parties can use text messaging to solicit and gather donations. In addition, SMS can be used as part of a follow-up strategy for those who have chosen to donate via another channel.

Notify Voters of Meetups and Events

The Internet is a cluttered place, and many people don’t even notice invites to events. Facebook users can easily get mixed up between groups and pages and may not go the extra mile to check out a group’s event category on the page. A simple SMS message can help to move them in the right direction. Notify your volunteers of your next rally and get your message read fast!

Get Responses Immediately!

Average response rate of the text is 45%. Being that time is of the essence on a political campaign, you need to get your message read and often times you need a response! A good political field game listens to voters and collects information about who they’re supporting and what issues they value.


Simply put, SMS texting is a simple, inexpensive, and direct method of reaching a massive amount of people with essential or urgent information.

Easy Follow-ups

People appreciate a direct acknowledgment of their actions, especially if they’re doing gritty work like fundraising, even if it’s as simple as thanking people for the $5, etc.

Meaningful Slogans

Because of its succinct nature, SMS is the perfect way to direct meaningful campaign slogans to people on your lists. You may also choose to strategically incorporate slogans into engagement messages in order to help voters understand that you’re taking the slogan and its meaning seriously.

Registration Information

SMS text messaging is an excellent method of sharing voting information, including registration information, to voters on your list. People appreciate a simple reminder and link for such things since sometimes instructions on voting materials sent in the mail or even online can be a little bit unclear.

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