Bulk SMS & Voice Call For Logistics

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Control consignment tracking, invoices, and delivery plan more expertly and adaptable with Obligr SMS services. Inserting maps too to aid your drivers and keep away from failed deliveries by opening up a 2-way communication channel with your users.

Easy tracking

Wasting time on frequent queries? Offer real-time shipping updates to customers by integrating your tracking software with Obligr SMS APIs. Experience unmatched delivery rates and speeds with Obligr.

Improve delivery efficiency

Avoid wasted delivery trips. Let customers decide when they can take delivery by sending an SMS to your dedicated Obligr long codes and short codes or by giving a missed call. A win-win for all.

Information on the go

Add additional channel for sending invoices, billings, delivery status and more.Use Obligr SMS attachments and web URLs, and enhance your customer experience.

Send campaigns that have an impact

Create SMS campaigns that your customers love when announce new services or gain out to new customers. Be it personalizing bulk sends, attaching files and images, or providing an opt-out path, you can do it all in a couple of clicks with Obligr.

On-demand updates

Allow your customers to receive updates on-demand. Onward incoming texts to your tracking software and set-up automatic responses or respond manually.

Faster delivery

Save time. Fix a link to maps or send full directions via a timely SMS update so that delivery workers can be more well organized.

Real time feedback

Assess customer satisfaction easily in real time by using Obligr mobile optimized data capture forms that also help you know your customer better.

Delivery precision

Allow customers to get information on drop-off or pick-up points by sending a simple SMS with their pin code to your devoted short codes or long codes.

Manage multiple branches

Let your branches conduct their own SMS campaigns while you centrally manage the credits distribution, restrict user privileges and lock down templates with Obligr enterprise-grade features.

Bespoke Solution

From data clean up and campaign controlling to custom API integrations and display reports, we can help you with your particular requirements. Our mobile marketing specialist can even help you with the right database and marketing intutaion to kickstart your lead generation.

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