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Bulk SMS Use Cases

 Find out how Obligr bulk SMS services can benefit your business

Advertising Industry

Bulk SMS Services forAdvertising
& Marketing Agencies

Automobile Dealership

Making communicate smooth and speedy as this industry is.

Banking And Finance

Our solutions are always loyal and
affordable to all size.


Brought unique solutions to this
fast-growing industry.


Obligr has helped in easing the problems of education entities.

Event Management

Obligr provide Bulk SMS Services
for Event Managers.

Govt. & Public Utilities

Bulk SMS Services for Government
and Public Utilitie


Obligr provide Bulk SMS Services
for Healthcare Providers

Health & Beauty

Bulk SMS Services for Health Spas,
Gyms & Beauty Parlors


Our solutions are luxurious and
astonishing .

Media & Entertainment

Bulk SMS Services for Media and


helping people in need just
as these people are doing.

Real Estate

Provide Bulk SMS Services for
Real Estate Agents


Improve conversions and increase

Restaurants and Takeaways

Bulk SMS Services for Restaurants & Takeaways


Provide Bulk SMS Services for Retail

Political Campaigns

Provide Bulk SMS Services Political Campaigns.


Obligr has lightning-fast solutions
that light up this.

Travel & Tourism

Bulk SMS Services for Travel & Tourism industry

Market Research

Brought unique solutions to Market Research.

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