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Send real-time alerts, mobile tickets, payment receipts, run engaging marketing campaigns, and gain feedback via just an SMS. What’s more, you also get to measure the impact of your campaigns in real time. Be the most customer-centric IT Company in town.

Text with attachments

Are you still managing with simple vanilla SMS services? Now send product booklet purchase alerts, payment receipts and new service announcements by attaching files and web URLs, wherever required.

Promote better

Do away with tedious promotional phone calls. Rapidly craft efficient bulk SMS campaigns by inserting images or files, including an opt-out path, customizing using multiple unite fields and sending regional language texts.

Automated notifications

Send automatic notifications to your customers of real-time notifications from server issues and cyber security risk warnings to PC repair reminders and confirmations with Obligr SMS APIs. Ensure best-in-class deliver ability with our smart SMS gateway, redundant infrastructure and multiple operator connectivity.

Increase web traffic

Build web traffic and brand recall. Send web-landing pages as Obligr shortlinks in your SMS promotions, and keep track of who is interested in real-time. Track response rates with Obligr click-through data, and fine-tune your message content and campaign times for optimal results.

Stoke interest and grow a database

Generate queries from prospective clients by add your contact info – keywords, short codes, long codes, and missed call numbers – in all marketing communications. Sit back and watch your opt-in database expand.

Attract users to mobile app

With 98% read rates and 5x higher open rates than emails, come across how an SMS campaign delivers impotantly best results for your app downloads.

Communicate internally

Keep your teammates in loop by sending updates in respect of website downtime, new patch execution and more. Control issues in real-time by notify your team about dangerous technical problems faced by other employees.

Easy ticketing

Introduce automation in your seminars and networking events by sending Obligr mobile tickets that can be redeemed at the site. Get to know who attended and who didn’t.

Instant customer feedback

Are your clients happy or unhappy? Do they think your service or product is extraordinary or ordinary.Get instant feedback on customer experience and map performance by product and region by sending Obligr mobile-optimized surveys.

Get ahead with bespoke services

Need help on how to leverage Obligr and improve your services? Our expert team helps tailor solutions for your business needs, whether it’s setting up and control campaigns or helping you combine various back-end systems.

Enterprise grade administration

Manage multiple offices in different locations with Obligr multi-tiered accounts. Let them send their own SMS campaigns while you midway manage purchases, credit allocation, restrict privileges based on user position and monitor client's activity with complete audit trails.

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