Bulk SMS & Voice Call For Real Estate

Find out how Obligr Cloud Services can benefit your business

Check below use cases of cloud telephony service and how it can benefit you

Use Obligr to go beyond a simple SMS alert on a new property. Invite clients with photographs, design and place maps of the property.Send a slew of nudge to existing customers on payment notification to construction updates.Reach anyone in any part of India, by making the most of Obligr regional language options.

Show and sell

Looking to improve sales? Post images of the property with its location and even its design via SMS to your clients. Obligr allows you to insert SMS attachments and web URLs, so you can even send them a purchase or lease agreement.

It’s automatic

Send automated nudge on everything from the rent to supporting dues and payment receipts by combine your CRM with our SMS APIs. Obligr best-in-class delivery rates meke sure your messages have the maximum effect.

Expand your opt-in database

Promote your keywords, short codes, long codes or missed call numbers on different marketing communications and get prospective customers reach out to you for more information or to receive a call back.

Be seamlessly responsive

Wow promise and clients by immediately sending information they seek via an SMS. Automatic respond with pricing information, construction photos, site plan or other details via SMS and make the experience smooth and immedialtely.

Speak to everyone in their language

Send geographical language SMS using our likely simply transliteration tool.On the other hand, craft and send mobile-optimized webpages in any language to clients in any part of the country. Trace your campaign benefits using our click-through data.

Empower field agents

Field agents can conduct campaigns or send alerts on the move using Obligr mobile app. Use Obligr enterprise account to control the tone and quality of the communication, and monitor their usage and activity.

Be alert to customer needs

Online gateway can send an notify to buyers and sellers when a property matches their require. This can be for an question or even a transaction.

Instant feedback

Gather feedback from your customers using Obligr surveys and data Obligr forms. Survey feedback can be observe on our UI or can be downloaded for further investigation.

Manage events seamlessly

Cut down on the attempt you put into control an event.Use Obligr for an end-to-end solution whether it is promoting events, managing RSVPs, issuing passes or gathering feedback.

Solution tailored to your needs

Tell us what you need and allow Obligr to customize SMS solutions for you! Our expert in-house team can help you with a reach of services, from data control to custom API combination and bespoke reports.

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