Tips to Improve Your SMS Marketing

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At Obligr, we are dedicated to helping you get the most from your SMS/Voice marketing activity. We understand the importance of achieving your goals and can advise on the best practices to maximize the potential of your mobile marketing campaigns, in addition to providing a comprehensive marketing toolkit on Obligr platform.

We help businesses use mobile marketing usefully , even if it is to make prospective customer database, to generate leads with successful campaigns, to transform them with special offers or to keep existing customers by loyalty points and punctual feedback process.

The results you reach are often based on what you grasp from earlier campaigns and big data. And that’s why we suggest you to manage campaigns that can be simply tracked and give you gritty analytics. It is all-important that you use this data to build key decisions, get valuable intuition into customer behavior and campaign usefulness and continuously optimize your mobile marketing campaigns to achieve the best results. Take a look below at our top tips to increase the performance of your next mobile marketing campaign…

Include a clear call to action

Ensure that the reason for the SMS is made clear. You want the receiver to act on your SMS, so tell them what they want to do to advantages from the information they have been sent.

Track your campaigns and optimize

Make assured you compute how effective your SMS marketing campaign has been so you can better it further next time. How many feedback did you get? What was your return on investment? Try texting different offers, at many times of the day, days of the week, or aim different groups of users , to note which works better for you. Obligr provides granular click through metrics for webpages, files, and coupons attached with your SMS campaigns.

Be prepared and know when your customers respond

Choose the right time to send SMS campaigns to your clients. If you want to generate an action or feedback then make sure you leave your clients sufficient time through the day to do so. You can also use Obligr scheduler to draft your messages now and schedule them for delivery at any time you choose.

Be concise and keep it short

A single SMS message consists of 160 characters. For the most cost-helpful campaign you want to choose your words aware fully. Get to the point in line away, the advantage or reward to the sender should be clear.

Find the right frequency

Shall you send your SMS campaigns day to day, weekly or monthly? If you send messages too continually, customers might get irritate and unfollow from the service. Even so if you leave it too long in the middle of messages, the users may lose interest and will have unremembered why they subscribed in the first place. There’s no stable amount of messages you should be transmit per week or month – the frequency wants to be fine-adjust based on your audience and the motive of your messages.

Create a sense of urgency

A single SMS message consists of 160 characters. For the most cost-effectual campaign you want to pick your words correctly. Get to the point straight gone, the advantage or reward to the sender should be clear.

Don’t overdo it – less is more

Make assure you manage your contact groups perfectly, and keep away from repeatedly sending the same SMS marketing message to receiver. Keep your communication fresh and engaging.

Keep your database clean

It can be costly to carry on with sending messages to old numbers. Be sure to routinely check and delete the numbers that can’t be reached to save time and money. Three strikes and you’re out is a better principle.

Use keywords to help grow your data

Use an SMS keyword (e.g. text OFFERS to 96263XXX to get discount coupons from your local shopping mall) to expand an opt-in list of users that pick to get your SMS notification. Print this wherever and you will simply grow an opt-in list of followers. SMS marketing can be unwelcome if sent to someone who hasn’t given their authorization. Protect the position of your organisation by make sure all recipients have permit you to communicate with them.

Respect the opt-out mechanism

Add a simple opt-out option routinely in your texts. Always make sure you make it clear to your clients that they can stop receiving messages from you at any time.

Know your audience​

Make sure that the recipient is going to be interested in what you have to offer. It’s probably that each offer or message will want to be modify to single customer groups. Age, gender, location and past purchases have all be lay hold of into account when you send out your messages. For example you would not offer free lipstick to men, because it’s probably the response rate would be next to zero and some of your clients may select to unsubscribe as a result. Spending notice to a customer’s purchase history and collecting her population based data will help aim effectively.

Personalize your texts for a better experience

Use our dynamic messaging option and insert names, appointment times or other customer-specific details into your messages for that customized message. You can also label your text by setting the Sender Name on the SMS message as your company name for extreme effect.

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