Register a DND Complaint

Choose your preffrence categories for UCC

Unwanted SMS and calls create frustration, especially when you are already registered for DND. You can file a DND complaint
to avoid such spam SMS/Calls by simply follow the below steps to register a complaint-
1. Register the complaint from your phone on which unwanted communication has been received
  2. Within three days register the complaint of receipt of the unsolicited commercial communication

Convey the following details

A. Particulars of telemarketer
B. Sender number or Sender ID
C. Date & time of message received
D. Message content

TEXT TO 1909

<Unsolicited Message Content>,
<Sender number/ID>,
<Message Time and Date>

Why let DND filters come between you and your customers?


An opt-in list or a subscription list is a database of customers intended to hear from you directly. By clearly opting into these messages, customers will receive all your messages whether the transaction or promotional – irrespective of their
DND preference. Obligr myDND manager updates the subscription list for you, based on inbound START/STOP requests from your customers.


One should offer their audience an easy way to opt out from receiving your text on a frequent basis. Regularly include a simple opt-out option in your texts. Make clear to your customers that anytime they can stop receiving messages from you (Eg: To opt out: SMS STOP to 8225838383). This will
also, help in filtering your positive customer list as well.

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