Bulk SMS & Voice Call For Automobile & Dealership

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Stop relying on phone-operators to be your service voice. Manage everything from new launches and service reminders to scheduling test drives using Obligr bulk SMS services. Manage the marketing campaigns of your dealerships by centrally controlling message templates.

Show, don’t tell

Got a brand new car launch? Let the pictures do the talking. Send out elegant flyers onward with pricing and promotional offers as SMS attachments. Adding web links, PDFs, images and spreadsheets as required.

Efficient after sales process

Clarify your after-sales service activities by sending automated SMS nudge on service dates, insurance and warranty renewals. Simply combine your application or CRM with our SMS APIs in minutes.

Send effective SMS campaigns

Sending powerful campaigns is a breeze with Obligr multiple merge fields, regional language tools, attachments and schedule/stagger features. Doing more in just 160 characters just got simpler.

Text an appointment

Put customers in charge by allowing them to book slots for test drives or servicing by sending a simple SMS to your inbox. Forward incoming SMS requests to your application URL or integrate via APIs to update your appointment calendar in real-time based on these requests.

Get your money’s worth

Make the most of your promotional campaigns with Obligr best-in-class delivery rates and speeds. With Obligr automated scrubbing of DND numbers for promotional campaigns, opt-in and opt-out paths, you can be guaranteed of regulatory compliance and clients satisfaction..

Measure your campaign efficacy

Get unprecedented visibility into your SMS campaign performance. Access granular click-through reports for all shortlinks and attachments in your text messages. View real-time delivery reports for all your pushes on Obligr UI or fetch them via our APIs.

Gather feedback

Know how your customers rate you by go for quick feedback after a vehicle sale or service with mobile-optimized poll. Obligr makes it really easy to create multi-page polls, and share them as clickable links in SMS campaigns.

Book and sell

Get customers to extend support contracts, pre-book vehicles or renew warranties by sending them discount coupons with a restricted time offer. Let Obligr manage end-to-end couponing procedure.

Stoke interest and grow a database

Generate SMS enquiries from prospective customers by including your SMS contact info – keywords, short codes, long codes and missed call numbers- in all marketing comms. Sit back and watch your opt-in database grow.

Manage multiple dealerships

Do you manage multiple dealerships and franchises? Let them manage their allow SMS campaigns, while you midway manage purchases and manage the message tone and tenor by locking down template with Obligr enterprise-grade features.

Keep your customer

Make customers feel special by inviting them to auto shows and launch events by sending Obligr mobile tickets. Use SMS addition to share auto tendency or maintenance tips.

Increase web traffic and brand visibility

Build web traffic and brand recall. Send web landing pages as Obligr shortlinks in your SMS promotions, and keep track of who is interested in real-time.

Bespoke Solution

Want something that’s not on offer? Just let us know and we’ll customize for you. From data management to custom APIs and display reports, our specialist in-house team will go over and beyond to make sure our SMS solution is tailor-made for your required.

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