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As an educational institution administrator do you struggle with the need to reach out to parents and students with the right information at the right time? Are you yet sending printed note and mass emails? With Obligr bulk SMS platform, you can send valuable information such as exam organized , meeting invites, emergency nudge , attendance nudges and updates on classroom tasks. You could even collect precise response on school programs and enterprise. Go on! Construct a good, well-organized community of parents and teachers.

Go paperless; Use SMS

Use Obligr bulk SMS to send information about exam schedules, reading material, and meeting invites to students, parents and staff. Insert PDFs, spreadsheets, docs or weblinks.

Make the most of the admission season

Attract the right students by showcasing your university and courses with Obligr attachments and shortlinks in your SMS marketing campaigns. What’s more, you can footprint click rates in real-time and fine-tune your message content for highest returns.

Say it with a picture

Do you get repeated calls from worried parents inquiring about their child at the day care center? Send them information update about their kids’ activities in text format or as photos via SMS by the day.

Simplify 2-way communication

Permit parents and students to simply seek information by sending an SMS. Send automatic responses onward with any related information documents.

Send personalized notifications

From exam scores to classroom assignments, share personalized information with your students and teachers at one go with Obligr merge fields. Messages can be create in English or 20+ geographical languages.

Update on-the-go

Even your teachers and college employee can send any urgent updates, event or classroom activity wait and updates on-the-go using our mobile app.

Be independent

obligr multi-user accounts permit every one of your college departments manage their own SMS campaigns while you midway manage purchases and lock down SMS impression.

Send automatic notifications

Send attendance notification , birthday greeting , payment notifications and university acceptance notifications by combining your database with our inclusive SMS API gateway. With an intelligent SMS gateway and robust technology infrastructure, Obligr ensures best-in-class delivery rates and speeds for all your texts.

Make ticketing processes simple

Get free of unmanageable ticketing and tracking operation by sending Obligr mobile tickets for alumni meets, seminars or exhibitions. You can regulate arrival and map attendance by scanning and confirm the tickets with our mobile app.

Customized Solutions

If your requirement go far away our quality features, just ask us about our display services. From advanced data administration to setting-up procedure workflows, we will take care of it all.

Solicit timely feedback

Get real time and fast response about events, teachers, courses and facilities using mobile-advance polls created on the Obligr advance platform. Get 5x the response rates with Obligr SMS (vs email).

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