Bulk SMS & Voice Call For Retail

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Be the retailer that wows the shopper with superior experience and improve in-store footfall. look around for new customers and manage existing ones by sending them attractive offers, encouraging them to sign up for membership programs, and even alerting them when their favorite brand introduces new products. Stay with them, so they’ll stay with you. See how Obligr bulk SMS platform can help.

Improve footfall

Send discount vouchers with a limited validity to customers via Obligr SMS and drive footfall during lean days. You can easily reclaim these vouchers at the store using our mobile application.

Especially for you

Mark the special occasion of shoppers and send them personalized offers for a birthday or anniversary. Let them know when their beloved brand has new stock, send monthly reward point notifications and more by integrating your CRM with Obligr SMS APIs.

End membership blues

End long customer enrollment queues. Promote access, shortcodes, longcodes, and missed call numbers in-store and allow customers to instantly sign up for the membership program via SMS or a missed call.

Drive in-store sales

Have a big/discount sale coming up or need to load off old stock? Send engaging media-rich personalized messages in 20+ regional languages. With Obligr, you can even track your SMS campaign engagement rates and use them to optimize your message content and campaign times.

Shopper feedback

A good day or a bad-hair day? Track customer experience and your service quality by gathering instant feedback from shoppers through a survey sent via Obligr platform.

Faster go-to-market

Cut the technology turnaround time. Allow your marketing and creative teams to quickly create mobile landing pages on Obligr platform to push out time-sensitive special offers.

Electronic loyalty cards

clash the battle for wallet space with a loyalty card that can be stored on your customers’ mobiles. Obligr allows you to easily create, redeem and manage electronic loyalty cards.

Keep the network in the loop

Share new product presentation, the sales pitch, performance reports and brand guidelines with staff and franchises using SMS attachments.

Empower your franchises

Concede your franchises to organize their own SMS campaigns while centrally managing purchases and locking down message templates using Obligr multi-tiered accounts.

Grab them online too

Use Obligr bulk SMS campaigns to introduce your online shopping portal and garner new website visitors. With best-in-class delivery rates and robust technology infrastructure, Obligr allows you to seamlessly scale while generating superior marketing returns.

Bespoke Solutions

Use Obligr resources to accommodate the right solution for your data needs, from setting up new campaigns to integrating with your CRM applications and delivering bespoke reports.

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