Bulk SMS & Voice Call For Govt. & Public Utilities

Find out how Obligr Cloud Services can benefit your business

The Obligr bulk SMS service and how it can benefit you

Be in touch with citizens and empower them by sending everything from payment reminders for taxation to important documents via a simple SMS using Obligr services. Get the pulse of the nation by bearing spot polls.

Cut the queues

End long queues in public offices by sending documents ranging from registration forms to enrollment documents via Obligr SMS. Attach PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets and more as required.

Mark the date

Improve productivity by saying goodbye to forgotten arrangements and inadequate proof. Send reminder messages for appointments by integrating your application with Obligr SMS APIs.

Drive public awareness

With 98% read-rates, SMS is an unbelievably effective mobile marketing channel for citizen outreach. Accelerate public recolonization initiatives with charming media-rich SMS in regional languages on a wide range of plan in healthcare, education, Swachh Bharat, voter registrations and more!

Real-time internal communication

Keep your workers updated and engaged by sharing office instruction updates, emergency notifications, personnel changes, seasonal salutation, congratulatory texts and more via Obligr SMS.

Say goodbye to call centers

Save on huge expenditure on call centers by sending important details quickly through text message. Keep call operators for dominant services which need a human involvement.

Easy pay, easy collections

Send users regular reminders for their taxes or liable bills payment along with a direct online link to pay via SMS. Eliminate delays and overdue payments.

Keep citizens in the loop

A transport strike or an emergency evacuation? Connect with thousands of citizens in a prompt mode by sending them SMS alerts, be there in emergencies, weather alerts, disruptions or road closures. Never let a circumstances escalate due to delayed or undelivered SMS with our best-in-class deliverability.

Know your citizens

Preform easy spot polls by asking users to text in their responses to a dedicated inbox and view the detailed results in real-time.

Be the always-on guide

Allow consumers to locate the nearest public service center by sending a simple SMS along with the pin code to your dedicated short codes or long codes.

Monitor and control all communication

Create completely secure customized templates that are locked-down for sub-users with Obligr enterprise-grade features. Internal performance and regulatory audits can be track and monitor.

Create a responsive network

Let your citizens alert manage everything from potholes to dread threats by notifying into your SMS inbox. By using our readily available shortcodes, longcodes and keywords you may easily setup your SMS address.

Gather Feedback

Get prompt feedback from your users on a range of public services or even large events by using Obligr to send mobile optimized survey forms.

Solution tailored to your needs

Tell us what you need and allow Obligr to customize SMS solutions for you! Our expert in-house team can help you with a range of bespoke services from data management to API integrations and reports.

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