Bulk SMS & Voice Call For Health & Beauty

Find out how Obligr Cloud Services can benefit your business

Check below use cases of cloud telephony service and how it can benefit you

Be a part of the well being of clients by offering them hassle-free ways of making appointments and sending them everything from a meal plan to a fitness tip.

Get into the box

Share promotions, service flyers and web URLs with prospective customers via Obligr SMS attachments and shortlinks. Use Obligr to track clicks in real time and measure marketing reach and effectiveness.

Fill the gaps

Offer time-bound discounts for lean seasons using Obligr mobile vouchers in SMS promotions. Easily create vouchers, send them via SMS, and redeem right from Obligr platform.

Book my slot

Allow customers to book a slot with their preferred hairdressers and gym trainers by just texting into your dedicated SMS inbox setup to your long-codes/short-codes or by giving a missed call.

Communicate internally

Set up automated nudges to notify your staff of slot changes, new customer appointments, last tiny minute openings and more. Right communication move go a long way in streamlining inside processes.

Do promotions right

Create campaigns that your customers love in just a few clicks with Obligr. Make use of advanced unite fields, attachments, geographical language transliteration tool, and schedule/stagger features to send the powerful bulk SMS campaigns.

Stay alert

Send automated nudges of appointments and other notify using SMS APIs and organize your clients’ wellness calendars. Simply  combine our powerful SMS APIs with any CRM or software in minutes using our inclusive documentation and sample code snippets.

Be Jeeves

Be the assistant customers want. Send them everything from Customize diet plans to beauty advice, through a simple SMS. Be there for the customer.

Make events easy

Celebrating an anniversary or holding a fitathon? Use Obligr to invite customers and track attendance with its unique mobile ticketing feature.

Get instant feedback

Show customers a concerned side and track service standards.Send a link to Obligr mobile surveys in your text messages to get feedback about the post-service customer experience.

Manage multiple branches

Let your branches/franchisees manage their own SMS campaigns while you midway manage the credits organizing and lock down order with Obligr enterprise-category features.

Reward loyalty

Construct & retain your clients base by sending mobile loyalty cards to reward repeated visitors.Track every customer visit with unique loyalty codes and allow redemptions of rewards using Obligr services.

Mobile management

you a freelance hairdresser, cosmetologist or a Instructor working from a remote location? Compose messages from anywhere with Obligr mobile app and send them to contacts straight from your phone.

Solution tailored to your needs

Never worry about having your requirement not met with Obligr. Tell us what you need and allow Obligr to customize SMS solutions for you! From bespoke data management to API integrations and reports, we can handle it all.

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