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Promotional SMS: SMS which have indifferent ways to promote your product or services.

API Transactional SMS: SMS which are sent for your registered customer to proceed any information via API.

Open DND SMS: SMS which are sent to DND number regarding Promotional of your product or services

You can send as many SMS you want.

You can import 15k contacts in a single file using file import.

Yes you can create groups under contacts.

Yes via DLT portal on our portal their is Open Template.

Sender ID is a 6 Alphabetic character specific id which  serve your company or product.

You can add as many Sender Id as you want.

It can take 12-24 Hours* maximum on DLT portals.

You can use upto 160 character for a 1 SMS. If above 160 characters then it will be count according to 153 multiples.

Upload CSV file or just copy paste contacts in upload area.

Yes there are many Unicode languages available.

Yes you can use schedule option to do it.

Yes but KYC process is compulsory.

Yes we have SMS API for sending, delivery report, etc

DND means Do Not Disturb. 

Voice call is just a recorded audio that is sent to receivers on his mobile. It is very easy and best way to communicate with large volume of people instantly.

Our artificial intelligence systems can send lac of calls per hour. No matter how many calls you want to send, we have the advance system hardware installed at our premises for instant delivery. But we says to send 15k contacts at once.

You can use Mp3 and .Wav format audio files.

Yes you can Reschedule the Campaign to failed numbers again till 2 times, either do this activity while sending calls or you can resend via delivery report.

Yes we have DTMF option enabled in our advance system were you can ask to press key from received from 0 to 9 and you can check the report of keypress in delivery report.

Any big companies or business that needs to send audio messages to large numbers of customers, employees or client groups. This can be a private sector company who wants to raise sales or customer relationship, or a public sector org. that needs to stay in touch with their customers.

Yes you can record you own audio on own platform via Recording Tool, just record and save it to server before sending audio to receivers.

When you login your account you can easily and deeply track up your campaigns which have scheduled. It shows a deep report which can be easily exported in many file formats.

Yes, via OTP verification process you can easily add you own number as caller id and receiver will see your mobile number as caller id during the voice call.

Our system is totally automated from Purchasing credits to Invoice sending.
Your setup will finish as you pay.

Yes you can use text to speech function to send voice call with Pitch and Voice selection option.

Yes by Auto Reply SMS feature you can send a reply message after the calls gets disconnect by pressing key from 0 to 9.

Yes by schedule feature option you can schedule your voice call at any date and any time.

Yes we provide delivery based voice call means you will be charged for Answered calls only, rest failed calls credits will be auto refund back to your account within 15min after your campaign is completed its reporting.

Yes we have Voice Call API for sending, delivery report, and many more check docs.

Obligr means willing to help. As the term says we are also always there to help you out regarding all aspects of cloud telephony solutions.

Obligr is EV SSL Secured and even your account will work on https secured platform to keep your data hidden and secured.

We are ISO certified , Trademark , Private Limited Company with GST compliance.

1. No advance funds needed
2. Less features cost
3. Easily modernize
4. Best service and delivery
5. Easily to customize
6. Flexible and controlled
7. Easily to manageable
8. Access to new technology
9. Best support system
10. Application simply made

Obligr is extremely genuine. We promise 99.99% uptime. Our infrastructure is superfluous and dispatch your communications to the maximum network available.

Absolutely! Obligr is the excellent solution for multiple offices and locations.

Very ambitious! Our cloud services pricing are the cheapest pricing in this whole industry starting from just ₹ 30.

Yes we are DLT Registered Telemarketer with id – 1402435880000010680. Available on almost every operators in India.

Obligr provides you White Label Reseller platform from which you can resale our products with your branding and prices.

Yes, but we prefer to ask resellers to point our CNAME rather than A Record.

Yes you can use your own name,logo,branding and adjust the theme accordingly.

No we are ISO Certified Company and follows GDPR terms so we do not sell database.
It is arranged by client side.

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Email Marketing

1. Email Template Designing

2. Bulk Email Sending

3. Dynamic Bulk Email Sending

4. Email Subscriber

5. Automated Email Marketing

6. Scheduled Email

7. Email Tracking

8. Create Form

9. Manage Report