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data security


Client's data is our utmost priority

Confidentiality for clients

We take adequate measures against the risks of security. We believe that, the security of private and sensitive data is the key to maintain long term relationships with the clients.The Client’s IPs are totally safe during the project execution. We mean our devotion to the clients and never do any deal on it. The Non Disclosure Agreement is a contract copyright information agreement for the parties who share confidential, secret information. The NDA contains argument on clear and precise topics with no complexities.

NDA’s with clients contains information on

● What type of work data will be collected
● The motive and justification of data
● How and when it will used
● The possibilities of risk like data leak and unofficial interference
● Considering safety measures 

NDA’s with employees talk on

● Employees are not allowed to open any sensitive data collected from the clients.
● Employees have to sign copyright information and inventions agreement.
● Directly or indirectly employees can not disclose any copyright information outside the company premises and project team.
● Employees cannot capture with the other business during their employment period.
● After ending with the company employees cannot use any unfair competitive data. 

IP Protection

● IP exchange between projects is strictly prohibited.
● All projects have separate and dedicated asset which preserves the client’s data from unauthorized access. 

Secure Data and Network

● We put all clients data in the encrypted form to save them from attackers.
● Data purge on regular basis to make risk on lower side.
● Firewalls are installed for the network security
● Regular interaction with software developers for the latest updated versions.
● No unauthorized user can enter the premises. Even employees are also authorize with respect to their division only.
● Continuous virus  scanning to detect and remove the virus threats.
● Log files are maintained for the records. 

Secured working environment

● Hard selection process of staff allow us to hire efficient, stable and highly white-collar team.
● Development center is totally secured and restricted to all.
● Electronic and bio-metric security systems, fire alarms are there to ensure safety.
● Secured communication mediums for employees and outsiders. 

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