(Amazing Experieance of UI/UD & Technology, Bahar se SEXY Under se DESI)

Mobile Apps / Responsive

Free Mobile Apps (Android, iOS, Windows) You can easly manage your account and send sms from mobile apps.

Web Panel (Browser)

Easy to use 100% Responsive Web Panel will give your ultra modern facility to use 150+ Services under Single Account.

Easy to Compose SMS

Compose sms in only 30 Sec. No Confusion just insert number content and send, you can also schedule sms as per time.

Set Up Your SIP Trunk in Minutes

Benefit from premium call quality through our global geo-redundant platform. Connect your phone system with our SIP Trunk and make quality calls at the lowest cost.

API Access for Programmable Voice

Do want to implement additional voice functionality on top, or instead of our SIP Trunking service? You now have access to our comprehensive set of APIs, enabling you to build voice applications from scratch, or implement our prefab building blocks.

Build Any Voice Experience

Scalable Calls

Security OTP


Voice Campaigns

Number Porting

Fraud Control

Easily scale your Concurrent Channels and Call Setups per Second

Safeguard platform users’ privacy and use Voice for One-time-passwords

Create your own IVR applications in a flexible and easy way with building blocks

Use Voice in your marketing campaigns to send personal messages

Port your existing phone numbers easily to the platform

Get insights into detailed information about each call for anti-fraud purposes

Inbound Numbers for Customer Contact

Making sure you can call your customers is one thing. Enabling customers to call you might be even more important.

We deliver global direct dial-in (DDI), Toll-Free and Premium numbers and port your existing numbers to the platform.

Build Any Voice Experience

Contact Centers

The SIP Trunk of is ideal for processing large volumes of phone traffic, for both inbound and outbound calls.

Contact Center Software

Our Voice solutions can be fully customized based on any needs for performance-driven Contact Centers.

SMB & Enterprise Market

Connect your phone system with's SIP Trunk and make calls at the lowest cost. Our connection is of premium quality

ICT/IP PBX Resellers

The SIP Trunk of is ideal for processing large volumes of phone traffic, for both inbound and outbound calls.

Build Any Voice Experience

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Voice Management App

We give you full control over your SIP trunks via one easy to use cloud app. Use the Voice Management app to setup, configure and manage your SIP trunks. The app puts you 100% in charge of your trunks and provides detailed insights into your usage.

Voice Analytics

Want to know what’s going on with your voice traffic any time of day? With Voice Analytics you have real-time insight in your voice data, including volume, destinations, cost and quality statistics.

Call Detail Records

Detailed insight in your calls is essential for billing, cost control, and anti-fraud purposes. Using our cloud tooling, or nifty API, you get instant access to Call Detail Records (CDR).


Reach More People. Pitch Your Story.

Engage your audience anywhere and at scale with virtual events, online trainings, and webinars.


We Have Got You Covered For A Great Event

Context is everything. Boost interaction between presenters and participants with these audience engagement tools and features

Polls & Surveys​​

Engage your audience with raise-hand, Q&A, live polls and surveys

Moderator Control

Mute/unmute panellist, promote attendees to panellist, invite/drop participants and more, all under the control of the host


Use text boxes, shapes and drawing tools to illustrate ideas and facilitate discussion​

Live Chat

Boost interaction between attendees and panellists with one-to-one private chat or group chat


Gain insights on attendance, polling results, and Q&A


Everything in your own brand name from vanity URL to registration site to portal

Event Recording

Record your online events for future playbacks and sharing so that nobody misses out

Share and Annotate

Share presentation slides, stream video files and annotate shared content in real time

SIP Integration

Audience without internet access can join the meeting using toll-free phone numbers


All calls and screen sharing are encrypted to the highest standards


Secure your conference with PIN-based authentication, conference lock, and more.

Advanced API

Integrate with your CRM, ERP and other software and manage them in one place



We transform how IT services are delivered; and are on our journey to be the first IT services company in the world where half the workforce is digital.


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E-mail Marketing Tools  Marketing Tools  Marketing Tools

Email Marketing

1. Email Template Designing

2. Bulk Email Sending

3. Dynamic Bulk Email Sending

4. Email Subscriber

5. Automated Email Marketing

6. Scheduled Email

7. Email Tracking

8. Create Form

9. Manage Report