Sales Promotions

With an estimated open rate of 99%, business text messaging is an extremely attractive (and cost-effective) option for promoting sales. Findings from the same study indicate that 90% of those opens occur within three minutes of receiving the message.

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Marketing Campaigns

If you work/have worked in marketing, you may have heard of the “rule of seven”. It suggests that you have to reach potential customers in several different places, and in a number of different ways, before you can convert them to purchase.

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Webinars-Motivational-Life Coaches

Using SMS for webinar reminders, registrations, and confirmation messages can ensure marketing messages are seen and engaged with on a timely basis. However, this doesn’t mean you can just start blasting your database’s phone numbers. Legal SMS marketing requires the user to specifically opt-in prior to receiving any communications, and industry best practices guide marketers to be clear about expectations for the type and frequency of messages.

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An SMS ordering system offers a safer, faster, and more convenient way for customers to order from your restaurant. Not only will it keep your customers and staff safe, but orders through text message can also improve customer satisfaction.

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Discount Coupons or Vouchers

Check The Latest Sms Alert Offers, Deals, and Discount Coupons. Grab The Discount Up To 30% Off Using Coupon Code.

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Product Launches

The study we mentioned above also found that one in four customers want to receive information about product launches.That’s good news for companies who work hard to launch a product and then struggle to get it in front of people. You can send texts when your new product is available, when it wins media attention, or when you accept pre-orders.

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Product Verification/Password Confirmations

CheckMobi APIs can be used to integrate mobile phone number verification using SMS, Voice Call and Missed Call on iOS, Android and online. If you’ve ever signed up for a service like WhatsApp or Tinder, you’ll be familiar with this verification process. There’s an additional benefit to companies using CheckMobi (or other comparable services) here too, as it means they can build a database of 100% legitimate, authenticated phone numbers.

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Automatically send appointment reminders via text message, voice message, or email to your clients. Customize templates and choose your time intervals.

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SMS Alerts

With just a little tweaking, you can use your mobile phone to receive email alerts as text messages. For example, Insteon makes it possible to receive their service notifications (usually sent as an email) as an SMS message.

This is particularly useful if you spend a lot of time in an area with poor mobile phone coverage, don’t have your emails set to push to your phone with regular frequency or just want to take some time off from your emails.

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Customer Support

Do customers really want to interact with brands using their mobile phone? Currently only around 7% of businesses interact with customers using business text messaging (in the USA and in a support capacity) but, as the author of that article points out, SMS still has a certain potency because so many people use text messaging, not to mention read every message they receive.

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Short Surveys

Using texting to gather customer feedback might sound awfully fiddly, but it’s a really good way to do some market research with a quick turnaround time. TXTImpact, Qualtrics and various other providers make “text to survey” a possibility without requiring additional admin to register and analyse responses.

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Mobile Recruitment

SMS technology isn't groundbreaking anymore. But, choosing to contact candidates via text is still a non-traditional approach. Texting can prove a power tool for your mobile recruiting efforts, but there’s a time and place for it. Here, we evaluate the advantages of using texts for your communication with candidates and establish the ground rules of business texting for recruiters.

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Human Resources, or HR, refers to the workforce of an organisation, and a human resources department deals with every aspect of the business that relates to employees and managers, including payroll, performance, recruitment, selection, staff wellbeing and workplace industrial relations. The HR department is integral to any company, and more attention has been focused on this area in recent years.

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Goods Tracking

You can request SMS Tracking with your mobile device*. Registered users can share tracking updates with up to five phone numbers. When you're tracking a parcel, select "Send Updates" to opt in. You will need to do this for each shipment that you'd like to monitor closely.

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Arrivals and Check-Ins

As well as being able to check in using SMS, airlines like Lufthansa are taking text messaging even further. You can request arrival and departure information using the flight time and number, and they’ll also text you important information about your flight like delays or gate changes.

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Important Information

There’s a LOT of email spam out there. Provided you’re not too fast and loose with your mobile phone number, the same isn’t really true of SMS. You may get the odd unsolicited text message, but, for the most part, text messaging is still perceived as being a fairly secure option.

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Brand Marketing

Many marketers don’t see SMS as a brand marketing channel–which is a shame.The goal of brand marketing is to link your identity and values with how you communicate. Given that texting is a highly personal channel, it offers an excellent way to humanize your business.

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Generate Customer Reviews

We’ve written before about using SMS to generate customer reviews. We wrote an article on examples of good customer reviews and what they can teach us. We’ve covered three ways to send NPS and review requests via SMS. We’ve even laid out how Google Reviews help your search rankings.

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SMS Text-to-Vote Polls

SMS Text-to-Vote polls are a great way to learn more about your audience’s preferences. For example, if you’re a chocolatier, you could ask your customers to decide what new flavor they’d like to try.You can have confidence that any new chocolate you launch is one that customers will try. Put another way: you won’t stock a product you can’t sell.

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Drip Campaigns

One-off campaigns are great for product announcements or time-sensitive offers. But, wherever possible, we recommend automating your messages. Set up a series of messages to keep your audience engaged and your brand top of mind. We’ve seen brands get creative with their SMS drip campaigns.

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Use text message marketing to cross-market your social media, a new blog post, or whatever you’re trying to gain traction on. The Twenty does that. It’s a QVC-style show that’s hosted on Instagram live. They partner with brands to offer exclusive discounts to a millennial audience.

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