Unsolicited Commercial Communication


A new framework for commercial communication

Enterprise Registration

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A commercial business (individual or company) dealing with products or services, who would like to communicate with their customers through SMS or Voice

Will the Principal Entity (PE) ID be unique across all access providers in India?

Yes, the Principal Entity ID will be unique across all telecom Access providers in India.

For a Principal Entity, it is not required to register separately with each Access provider/DLT platform.

Each Principal Entity needs to register only once with any of the Access Provider to obtain an Entity ID.

A Principal Entity (PE) can register using the following steps:

i. Visit DLT platform (Hyperlink) and select to sign up as an Enterprise.

ii. Provide valid business PAN, details of authorised person (mobile no. & email ID), business proofs and upload the documents and then pay the registration fee.

iii. Entity registrar will validate and verify details provided by the Principal Entity within 72 working hours.

iv. On successful registration, the entity registrar will approve, register and activate the Entity ID on DLT.

v. The registrar function will inform successful renewal or any discrepancy, i.e. missing document or incorrect details with the applicant on the registered e-mail and mobile number in the defined TAT (72 hours).

vi. Post PE ID activation, each Principal Entity can login to the portal and carry out its functions as per business requirement.

vii. In case the Entity fails to submit requested documents or address queries raised by Registrar within 15 working days, the account will be deleted. In such a scenario, Entity has to create a new account from the beginning.

Mandatory documents are as follows:

i. Govt. registered entity – Letter of Intent/ Agreement issued by the Govt. of India or State Govt.

ii. SEBI registered entity – Certificate of registration issued by SEBI as well as Entity validation on SEBI portal

iii. POI of authorised person.

iv. LOA addressed to TM.

Yes, it is necessary for a Principal Entity to define its line of business. Entity can choose from the list of options during the singup process.

No, a Principal entity cannot send commercial communication related to other line of business as regulation mandates that the content of commercial communication must be aligned to the line of business of the Principal Entity

The validity of a Principal Entity (PE) registration is 1 Year. PE can renew post expiry based on terms and conditions prevailing at that time. A grace period of 30 days will be given.

Telemarketer Registration

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Aggregator or Reseller –
A individual or a company who collects SMS/Voice traffic from enterprises, but DO NOT have direct connection with telecom operator.


All the resellers of Obligr is treated as Telemarketer{Aggregator} in all DLT Portals.

The required documents are:
1. Registration proof of the entity/organization
2. Identity proof of the authorized signatory
3. Address proof of the entity/organization
4. Authorized Signatory letter
5. Registration Fee- INR 5900/- inclusive of GST* in some portal it is free till 31st May 2020
6. PAN Card of the organization
7. GST certificate/ GST declaration of the organization

Yes we are DLT Registered Telemarketer with id – 1402435880000010680. Available on almost every operators in India.

To get yourself registered as a telemarketer, a registration fee of INR 5000 + tax needs to be paid to get registration certificate for 5 years. This is a non-refundable amount.

We request you to please register all your headers and template on All operators DLT platforms before 31st of May 2020.
As any delay on the header registration may result in SMS traffic fail at Operator end.

It takes approx. 7 days to complete the registration process for Telemarketer.

TRAI has clearly stated that if any TSP/Operator sees any traffic coming from TAP through unregistered header they may block the respective POI’s.

You can register your enterprise/number/sender ID for commercial SMS/Call communication on DLT portal website.
For example if you wish to register on BSNL
Step 1: Visit https://www.ucc-bsnl.co.in/signup/
Step 2: Click on “As Telemarketer” & follow the instructions
Once the registration is completed, the Telemarketer’s account will be created and you will be issued a unique Registration ID.
Please register the Principle Entity/Enterprise for whom you plan to send the bulk communication

No, we will be not able to raise any refunds for the SMS/Calls which was sent from your or your users account if it gets rejected due to non registration of Sender ID and Content in DLT Platform

The different categories which qualify for the commercial communication are:
1. Promotional calls/SMS: Communication that promotes/advertises goods & services
2. Transactional calls/SMS: Communication triggered in response to the transaction initiated by the user (e.g. Banking
OTP on purchase of goods/services)
3. Service calls/SMS: Communication that shares the product/service warranty information & updates, safety/security

Commercial Communication means any voice call or message using telecommunication services, where the primary
purpose is to inform about or advertise or solicit business for
1. Goods or services
2. A supplier or prospective supplier of offered goods or services
3. A business or investment opportunity
4. A provider or prospective provider of such an opportunity

Before any commercial communication can be sent, you are required to register with a telecom service provider.

You can access the account with a user ID and a password sent to you via SMS/email at the time of registration. Please remember and note the credentials while undergoing the registration process..

No. There is no limit for the number of SMS/Calls made from the registered CLI/number.

1. For each violation, a penalty of Rs.10,000 will be deducted from the security deposit paid by you.
2. On third violation, additional security deposit of Rs.70,000 needs to be submitted to Airtel. (If not paid, all the numbers/bulk SMS accounts activated in the name of Sender/telemarketer name/address will be disconnected).
3. On 12th violation within a calendar year, all the numbers/bulk SMS accounts activated on the Sender/ telemarketer name/address will be disconnected.

As per the new TCCCPR guidelines, any bulk commercial communication should NOT be done from an individual mobile/landline number which is not registered for bulk communication with a telecom service provider.

In case of violation of the guidelines, the telecom service provider shall restrict the usage on the complained number while the investigation is being carried out. In case of multiple violations & complaints, the number may get permanently disconnected as well.
For more details on the guideline, you may visit

If a complaint is received against a number for unsolicited commercial communication, the usage is restricted to 20 SMS & 20 calls per day (for 1 months or 6 months) while the case is being investigated. This is as per the new TCCCPR guideline.

Yes. You can register with multiple telecom service providers using the same PAN & registration ID with which you are
already registered.




How to approve Sender ID and Content from 1st June 2020

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Telemarketer Registration Certificate

Obligr BSNL TRAI Certificate
Obligr VODAFONE IDEA TRAI Certificate