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Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Numbers

Toll Free Calls Loud & Clear

The beauty of Toll-Free number; It is billed for all arrival calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. So the client can call without paying extra and may reach you easily.
With Obligr Toll-Free number expand your business around the world. Discover a convenient and powerful way to connect with your customers, Give your customer convenience of dialing for your services. This allows you to respond to your customers need effectively and improve your brand image.
Toll Free service

Here's how our Toll Free Number helps your businesses.

Better Brand Presence

A toll free number gives your business a global exposure. This number makes easy for your client to call you anytime. Expand your reach.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

1800 number allows a client to call your company without any charged. Simple and easy to remember. People can easily memorize this number.

Marketing Campaign

Place your 1800 toll free number in a marketing campaign or advertisement. You can track and monitor the call and determine the production of campaign.

Looking to expand your customer base globally

Obligr offers virtual numbers that are accessible from both mobile phones and landlines. There are no set-up costs and you will not need to buy any expensive hardware.

Discover more ways our Toll Free Numbers can help you re-imagine the possibilities of voice.

best and inexpensive ways for your customer to reach you in a professional way.

Variety of Number Pattern

Depending on your business lead you can also choose the most relevant toll-free number from a large pool of numbers available with service providers.

Real-Time Reporting

One of the most great deal of money add-on feature toll free number provides – is the capability to give real-time analysis.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

First and the necessary feature of toll free service is IVR. It gives clients a facility to communicate with the company for quick response.

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