2 Factor

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2 Factor OTP

Verify users by reaching their mobile device with
SMS or voice codes

The two-factor confirmation gives an extra degree of information security. Two-factor verification makes a demonstration of taking the data twice as troublesome as the secret word required as well as the subsequent factor. It tends to be something you know (secret word), something you have (an equipment token which creates OTPs) or something you are (facial acknowledgment, a unique finger impression, an eye check). One of the most well known second verification factors is a one-time secret phrase (OTP) – an instrument utilized for executing more grounded confirmation calculations.

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A single API provides the full 2FA solution, from authentication management to message automation, spanning SMS and Voice.


Just give us a phone number and we’ll take care of the rest. We produce the codes, localize, use the rapid channel available, even pull back from SMS to voice when needed.


Unlike other 2FA system that may need important hardware or an authenticator app, our solution works with any phone number.


Pay only for outstanding transformation or a continuous uniform fee for frequent logins.

How 2 Factor OTP Works

Intercept the login

A customer logging into an account first confirms their credential and password, but to be recognized that the customer is who they say they are, our confirm API gets tangled.

Our Verify API reaches out

We send a one-time key — via SMS, voice, or nudge notification — to the phone associated with that credential and password.

The account owner confirms

When the code appear on the phone belonging to the user related with the account, the holder keys in the short confirmation code into the input box introduce by the app.

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